Hacks and Scam Protection in Runescape

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Done be fooled by high levels acting nice. For almost all of us we have been scammed at least once, and if you have not been yet ?give it time. This guide will tell you how to avod some of the common Runescape scams. First off never rush trades, scammers will always try to rush the trading screens. Take your time check both screens. When I spend over a million gold or sell something for a good deal I check a few things. When you sell something for lets say 20k, which is 20,000gp it should say 20k as the photo (20,000 runescape gold). What a lot of people will do is put up 1000k which is a million GP then they will take off 900k. This makes 100k look like 1000k, now if you were rushing through trade screens you might overlook something like this. Another thing to look for is Runescape players trying to scam you by adding a 4 at the end of the number which looks almost like k, and again if you were rushing through your trade you might miss it and get scammed. Now just remember to never rush through trade screens.

Now here is my opinion on how to avoid being hacked. The main thing to remember is never give anyone your Runescape password. You do not know how many times I seen a level 3 or even higher level players laiming?to be a Jagex or Runescape staff members asking for your password to see if you have been scamming or have been scammed or some other lame excuse like that. Something to note is Runescape or Jagex will NEVER ask for your password. They say a personal friend that you trusted with your password is where 80% of hacking comes from, and from history, I would agree with those stats.

Another big issue is using Runescape autos like autominer or autotalk, bots, macros, hacks or any of the numerous Runescape cheats or things of that nature that you think at least in the beginning will make your runescape accounts tasks easier. These programs are often trojans themselves that are designed to plant themselves in your computer to steal things like passwords to Runescape accounts, and sometimes even more important things. Remember when downloading any thing related to Runescape you have the risk of downloading something called a key logger or trojan, so its best to run a firewall and anti-spy ware and anti virus software at all times. A key logger will track your every move on your computer more importantly will tell someone your passwords for Runescape if you don抰 know that you have it. Whilst I think you are personally crazy if you wanted to cheat Runescape, if you are going to do it have the sense to make sure you run an anti virus scan on a regular basis.

From personal experience I know for a fact that RS Deamon is safe it is like a high score thing. It is kind of like going to Rune HQ and using their calculators but you can compare up to 100 of your friends, it also comes with useful guides. If you want to use RS Deamon it cost $1.00 to download. Now I am not sure why or anything but make sure if you download it to go to some site. Another useful program is Swift Switch. It has had its problems with Jagex but I do not see anything wrong with Swift Switch these days and there is nothing it does for you but it has guides and access to IRC chat rooms. To download Swift Switch go to http://swiftswitch.net. As stated before there is the risk of key loggers when downloading stuff for Runescape so only use these two websites for downloading the programs, or try others at your own risk.

Now to quickly wrap up - be careful what you download related to Runescape, or anything for that matter; never give out your password; always look at both trade screens extra close when trading.