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Unit 3.3 Web application development tools & Technologies

3.3.3 HTML HTML elements HTML document structure HTML attributes HTML text formatting tags Lists Graphics to HTML document Tables HTML hyperlinks Frame

3.3.4 HTML text formatting tags

HTML headings

Six levels of headings can be define in HTML from <H1> to <H6>.


 <H level> Heading Text</H level>

The levels of heading is from most important (<H1>) to least important (<H6>)

          <H1> Heading One </H1>                            

          <H6> Heading Six </H6>

HTML paragraphs

<p> tag is paragraph tag.                                

A blank line always separated paragraphs.


         <p> paragraph text </p>

Line break & Horizontal Line

<BR> tag is used to start from a new line.

<HR> tag creates horizontal line in a HTML page

Text before break <Br>Text before line <HR> Text after line
Text before break

Text before line

Text after line

Bold, Italic, Underline & Centering page elements

<B> tag displays the text boldface style.

<I> tag displays the text into italics.

<U> tag display text as underlined.

<CENTER> tag is used to center any page element i.e. text, list, image, table etc.           

           <B> Text </B>

           <I> Text </I>

           <U> Text </U>

            <center> text <center>

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