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Unit 3.3 Web application development tools & Technologies

3.3.3 HTML HTML elements HTML document structure HTML attributes HTML text formatting tags Lists Graphics to HTML document Tables HTML hyperlinks Frames HTML Hyperlinks

A hyperlink is a link (word/sentence/image) that you can click on to jump on new document or a new section in current document.


           <A href=”url”> link </A>
herf attribute specify the destination link.

External document reference:

Link will be displayed as hyperlink, and link to another document, document which is present in the current working directory. If file is not present in current directory, a relative path can be specified as the attribute value.

          <A href=” document1.htm”> link to document1 </A>

Internal document reference:

This provides a link to jump a different location in the same document. First you have to identify a location with the name and then jump to that location using the name.

            <A Name=”location_name”>
            <A href=”#location_name”> Link </A>

            <A Name=”top”>
           <A href=”#top> Top Hyperlink</A>

  1. indicates that a jump is required within the same document. On clicking the Top Hyperlink the control goes to the location named as top.
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