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Unit 3.3 Web application development tools & Technologies

3.3.3 HTML HTML elements HTML document structure HTML attributes HTML text formatting tags Lists Graphics to HTML document Tables HTML hyperlinks Frames HTML elements

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the markup language for describing web pages.

        HTML is a set of markup tags

        Markup tags are the basic building block for the development of web pages.

Syntax of HTML tag/element:                       
<Start tag> Content </End tag>

HTML tag

Tag is a keyword enclosed in angle brackets.

Normally tags have one start tag/ opening tag(<tag>) and one end tag/ closing tag(</tag>) are called container tags.

There can be elements which is not having any end/closing tag they are called empty tags. HTML Document structure

Every HTML document is enclosed within <HTML> and </HTML> tag.

Within this two distinct sections are created.

<HEAD> tag

        Document head that describes title of the web page.

<BODY> tag

        The main body, where the information is displayed in the browser.

                Title of the web page
              The content of the web page .
</HTML> HTML attributes

HTML attributes are additional information about an HTML element. Attributes are always declared in the start tag/opening tag.

<tag attribute= “Value”> Content </tag>  Attribute values are enclosed in quotes.


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