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About Us

Rafiki Kazana Sana (RAKISA) is a community based organization focusing on empowering members in fighting against illiteracy, HIV/Aids and poverty through training/education (mind-set change), capacity building, and financial support. The organization was formed by 31 charter members on the 15th of December 1998 who were totally fed up with problems surrounding them especially HIV/AIDS and in particular the immense poverty which was prevailing within them. It got its registration on 05th march 2004. RAKIASA is registered as nonprofit organization under registration number SO. NO12159.

To bring this point home, it would be healthier to take one member and site her as an example to show what RAKIASA has done and why this foundation is significant. “Suzan, a primary school leaver who used to be a house-girl for 15 years joined RAKIASA in the very year of its institution. Through training on entrepreneurship and financial support she got from the organization, Suzan has attended tailoring and computer training. She is now owning her own tailoring business and she has managed to pay school costs for her two young sisters one is now pursuing her degree at the open university of Tanzania and the younger one is in secondary school. Suzan has also managed to buy land and has started building a house and RAKIASA being her mental and financial Source. Two year ago has joined secondary education.

RAKIASA addresses the physical and social needs of their communities, promote better relations between people through a framework of friendship and services, and provides an opportunity for the members to enhance their personal and group development by offering credit with only 5% facility fees. This cannot be found in any other organization of RAKIASA’s characteristics in Tanzania. The organization is proud of having committed members who have managed to push themselves and the organization into such pronounced success.

It is important to note that the principal philosophy, that is Vision of the organization since its formation is “changia kwa maendeleo yako”, that is “Contribute for your development” The philosophy was based on the general principal of self reliance. RAKIASA emphases as follow – Don’t ask what RAKIASA can do for you, rather what can I do for RAKIASA, Amended quote from the Late FJ Kennedy.

Another very important thing to note is that, since 2006 RAKIASA has started school project and has already bought about 40 acres. Process of land ownership is underway and the dream is to make it among the best education centre in Tanzania.

RAKIASA Objectives

  • To provide economic, social and cultural awareness/education to members as well as community and public at large, i.e:
  1. To offer counseling to members on HIV/AIDS and other related health problems, as well as work and life skills.
  2. To offer training on entrepreneurship, (i.e. on how to start their own business, how to run projects, how to market their business and how to manage fund).
  • To provide loans for economic projects, health care and education.
  • To engage in all legal activities that can benefit members of RAKIASA and the surrounding community.

Contact Info

Office: Mwenge Village, House No. 184. P.O. Box 2461, Dar es Salaam. Tel.: +255 (22) 2700846/5500628, +255-754-242000, +255-754-814636. E-mail: