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Questions for participants

We encourage all LearnShare participants to actively share experiences, ideas and reflections about the role of community radio and health groups in developing learning programmes about HIV/AIDS.

All participants to the workshop event in Ivory Coast will be answering the following questions, which will be posted to their User Page and form a basis for discussion and developing innovative approaches to educational programme development:

  1. Please briefly explain your motivation for attending this workshop
  2. Briefly summarize your current projects/work in community media
    1. What is your main area of work?
    2. Are there any health programmes currently taking place, or being planned, at your radio station?
  3. Please share some reflections about
    1. How learners are consulted in programme development, and
    2. How local "experts" are involved in the planning and production of programming
  4. What are the challenges that you currently face that undermine effectiveness and efficiency of your programme and or that hamper developing effective HIV/AIDS programmes? (i.e what knowledge skills are you looking for)
  5. Please describe how participation in workshop would benefit your work