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An engaging 1-day seminar followed by daily mentring for 17 African health care workers along with expert faculty members; organised by the International AIDS Society (IAS).

Dates: 2-7 December 2008
Location: Dakar, Senegal


  1. Build capacities to design and develop effective learning programmes for community radio
  2. Develop an action plan to 1) document good practices, 2) develop materials (training curriculum, case studies, etc) to support learning programmes, organisational development and smart technology choices, 3) run workshops to develop new learning programmes to support learning
  3. Strengthen the regional community media network, especially online exchanges, open content portals

Long term outcomes the activity contributes to (3-5 years)

  • Widespread access in the region to effective learning programmes via local community media and telecentres
  • Increased regional capacity to support community media, especially as part of larger open and distance learning programmes
  • Stronger regional networks linking media with development and education providers

Short term results

  • Promising ”media for learning” programme formats – good practices – identified
  • New skills and concrete plans to develop educational community radio programmes for participating stations
  • Greater familiarity and sharing among Caribbean community media and partners with respect to key issues, including programmes on AIDS, livelihoods, etc.

Approach and structure

  • Build from existing community media processes and programmes in the region
  • An engaging participatory workshop focused on sharing experience, practical group work, skills training
  • Pre-workshop discussions with participating stations in an online forum; pre-workshop online wiki skills training
  • Two days on vision, good practices and strategies for educational content on community radio, including links to education and content providers, e.g. health or agricultural groups
  • Site visit to a community media outlet in St. Vincent and the Grenadines


  • 10+ Caribbean community media practitioners, and resource people
  • 5+ reps working with media from government departments, farmers’ group, educational institutes