HIV/AIDS Introductory Workshop/Suggested HIV/AIDS workshop structure and activities/Wrap-up

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Section 5: Wrap-up (and preparation for the next session)

What have we covered in this session?

Facilitator input: Link the content of the stories, and the expectations and hopes lists with EITHER:

  • The plans you have made in the previous activity OR
  • The exploration of what will be covered during the longer course.

Walk the learners through the course content. This will give them a clear framework that will help them to organise and remember the new things that the have learned.

Icon activity.jpg
Head, heart and hands

Purpose This activity is aimed at linking what has been learned with how it was learned.

Process Have the learners look at the drawing created showing the Head, Heart and Hands.

Using the visual aids and your initial list of content for the session, lead the participants in a brainstorm of:

  • The new Knowledge they have gained. Write this into the Head section of the drawing.
  • The new Attitudes and Values they have explored. Write these into the Heart section of the drawing.
  • The new Skills they have developed. Write these into the Hands section of the drawing.

Think about for the next session...

(Add in here whatever link you wish to make with the next session...)

Prayer to close

If appropriate, ask one of the learners to close the session with a prayer, dedication and/or song.