HIV/AIDS Introductory Workshop/Suggested HIV/AIDS workshop structure and activities/Recap

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Section 3: Recap

As you have covered a lot of ground so far, it is a good idea at this point to revisit some of the information generated so that you can link it together in a way that makes sense for the learners.

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What have we covered so far?

Purpose This activity will help to slow the new learning process so that the learners can catch-up and briefly reflect on their learning thus far.

Process Facilitator input: Use the visual aids that you have created during the activities to talk the learners through the key ideas learned so far:

  • We learn from a wide variety of places and people. Everyone has brought lots of knowledge and skills with them into this classroom.
  • In order learn fully and deeply, we need to learn with your head, heart and hands.
  • We all have nine basic needs.
  • We are all part of a world of people with friends and family, community and the nation surrounding us.
  • HIV/AIDS will have a negative impact on how well we can meet our basic needs. It will impact on us as individuals, on our families and friends, on our communities and on our nation and world as a whole.