Guidelines for Reading Books

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Guidelines for Reading Books

How to Choose a Book:

  • look at the cover – picture, title, author
  • read the blurb (at the back or inside front cover)
  • look at the size of the writing
  • try out the first page then skip to a middle page
  • 5 Finger Test (read a page and if less then 5 words you don't know that's ok, more than 5 words you don't know, it's too hard)
  • look at topic based section of your interest
  • look at the size of the book
  • look at the “Young Adult” section if relevant to your age
  • choose another book from the same series of one you have enjoyed
  • choose another book from the same author of one you have enjoyed

Abandoning a Book... Why?

  • Too easy
  • too hard
  • too long to get into action
  • boring – not interesting
  • not enough explanation – too confusing
  • not appropriate – insulting
  • print is too hard to read
  • designed for a different gender
  • too specialised – jargon
  • too sad, heavy going or scary
  • don't like the characters
  • monotonous
  • too similar to another book
  • too distant
  • expected something different from this author
  • don't like the author's point of view