Guide visitors through an adventure tourism activity/Activities/Visitor Safety

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US 12408, Version 4, Level 4, Credit 14

PC 1.3 - Visitors are guided at a pace commensurate with enjoyment and comfort

PC 1.4 - Activity is paced and adapted within visitor capacity to meet daily deadlines

PC 1.5 - Group Management skills are demonstrated to maintain group coherence

PC 2.1 - Safety and emergency procedures are described in accordance with enterprise procedures

PC 2.2 - Factors affecting guests safety are monitored and responded to


Ensuring visitor safety, comfort and enjoyment


Write a paragraph describing what you (as lead guide) would do in the following circumstances:

  • guest appears to be struggling during the walk
  • guest says that cannot continue
  • guest is injured
  • guest presents signs of hypothermia
  • guest presents signs of hyperthermia
  • the weather turns bad and the environment becomes dangerous

Supporting Resources

  • Safety Plan