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US 18311, Version 1, Level 5, Credit 8

Element 1 - Set the objective for an interpretation plan PC 2.2 - Learning styles of the audience are identified

Element 3 - Framework and content for the interpretation are provided

Element 4 - Choose the correct form of delivery for your audience

Element 5 - Deliver the interpretation plan

US 12408, Version 4, Level 4, Credit 14 - Element 1.6

Environmental care codes of practice are explained


You work for a tour company "On line Tours" which has just begun running a guided overnight adventure tour in the Wanaka area.

As part of your company's sustainable practice, the tour and interpretation plan must meet the following objectives:

  • provide an educational and stimulating experience
  • work with and support the local community
  • raise awareness


  • Using the form (in Supporting Materials) plan your interpretation. Your plan must show how you will include the three company objective listed above.
  • Using the form (in Supporting Materials) plan your presentation

Complete the customer survey (Supporting Material) use to survey your groups experience once you have completed the tour. The survey must show that your interpretation plan were:

  • measurable
  • specific
  • achievable

Supporting Resources