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US 18311, Version 1, Level 5, Credit 8

PC 5.4 and 5.5


Performance appraisal strategies and further training possibilities. You may discuss this activity together however the work you hand in must be your own.



"On Line Tours" has just begun running a guided overnight adventure tour in the Wanaka area. The personnel manager has noticed, when analysing one of the new guides - guest interpretation questionnaire, that he/she may need some further training in the area of environmental conservation.

Several clients have commented that they would have liked to know more than the guide was able to tell them about conservation throughout the area.

Now that this has been identified choose one option, from the list below, which the company could use to help the guide build upon his/her skills. Write a paragraph describing what the option entails, making sure you relate it to the scenario above.

  • Mentoring
  • On-the job training
  • Short-onsite course
  • Off site course

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