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Has recently bought a package a good Hei hei into the LV(ヴィトン コピー) is the title Need some help figuring out quests? This will give you a general overview of what quests do what, and how they are categorized.

Quests are the missions in the game that will advance you through your "life" in the game of Runescape. They give you experience, they can help you increase skills, and they all typically have a reward that is quite nice to receive. Doing these quests is the day to day play for most people in the game of Runescape. They are divided into two distinct categories: the member's quests, and the freeplay quests.

Quest Categories

Members Quests – These are quests that are only for the paid for members of the game. No freeplay runescape accounts holder will have access to these quests or any of their rewards.

Freeplay Quests – These are the quests that are available for the free players to access and members are going to be able to do those as well as theirs. There isn't any freeplay item that isn't accessible to Members.

Quest Points

Quest points are those points that are received for completing a quest. They range from one to ten and are helpful in getting into clans (some clans restrict you until you are a certain number in the quest point range). They are needed to get to the Legends Quest, as you have to have 107 of them before you can go through that quest. Other things are dependent upon Quest Points such as bragging rights and the ability to wear the cape you'll receive for topping out your Quest Points and completing all of your quests in the list.

Quest Skill Experience

There are many quests in the game that will give you specific experience in a skill. Upon completing the quest, along with the Quest points and the step closer to getting the cape you can receive for finishing all the quests, you can get experience points in a skill. There are three types of skill experience.

Quest Experience for Members – These are the quests that give you experience in a members only skill. These are not going to be accessible to receive if you are a freeplay Runescape player.

Quest Experience for Freeplay – These are the quests that give out experience in a skill that is available to Freeplay members. Members can get these as well, but it's the only place that freeplay members are going to get them.

Quest Experience that's Choosable – These are in a separate category because you are going to be able to choose that skill in which you want the experience to go. You can choose to have it go into a member's only skill or a freeplay skill, and as such was put into this separate category in Skill experience.


As you can see there is plenty going on with questing in the MMO game of Runescape. No matter what your membership level, your skills, or class, you will be able to find something quest worthy for you here.

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