Growing Plants in Containers

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The following information will assist people working in horticulture or the home gardener to prepare for potting plants; pot up or pot on plants; and grow on container plants.

Used in the following courses

Prepare for potting plants

The reasons for growing plants in containers are explained.

A range of plant containers are identified and their uses explained,the range may include rigid plastic pots, planter bags, root trainers, seedling punnets, seedling trays.

A range of growing media are identified and their ingredients and uses are explained and at least two media used for different purposes are closely examined and their characteristics explained.

Pot up or pot on plants

Plants for growing-on in containers are selected and prepared for potting, in accordance with workplace practices.Select plants from at least three species,a minimum of 50 per species.

Growing media and containers suitable for the plant species and use of the plants are selected, in accordance with workplace practices.

Plants are potted up or on in accordance with workplace practices this may be by hand or machine - the method not used is described; plants in centre of container, correct depth, upright, plants and containers handled correctly.

Plants are watered in accordance with workplace practices.

Plants are set out in a suitable growing-on environment and this may include preparation of setting out surface, plant spacing, hardening off as needed, plant and container handling.

Grow-on container plants

Select plants that include at least three species or cultivars from containerising to time of sale, or for one growing season.

Regular plant maintenance should be carried out as required, and in accordance with the needs of the plants, environmental conditions, and workplace practices and this may include irrigation, suitable environment, plant health, weed control, pruning, trimming, staking, fertiliser application, plant spacing, use of plant growth regulators.

Plants are monitored for progress and problems, and reported or corrected, in accordance with workplace practices and this may include plant development, media moisture levels, plant health, toppled plants, plant spacing, trueness to type, physical damage, general plant condition.