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Sustainability of the proposed intervention

The project has in-built mechanisms to promote sustainability. These include

  • Engagement of key actors and partners in all activities and processes. Bringing on board key actors right from the beginning and engaging them in all the subsequent activities/processes will not only promote collective ownership but will also encourage efficient and effective use of available resources.
  • Relevance to the day to day lives of the people. Nutrition is important in human life. Moreover, many people do not seem to know the magnitude of nutrition deficiencies and their influence on normal development and functioning of the body. Efforts to raise awareness and step up effective use of the available indigenous vegetables in search of scarce yet important nutrients is expected to stimulate interest among the targeted beneficiaries (the farming communities). The interest to take up the venture and multiplier effect in itself contributes to sustainability.
  • Building capacity of the communities in food quality Once the capacities of the communities have been built in food quality, it is anticipated that people will find it easy to continue with the appropriate process in adequate food (fish and indigenous vegetables) preparation and use.
  • Action research orientation. This will ensure continous reflection and modification of the subsequent actions in search of relevance and appropriate integration of the realities on the ground.