Group 3 - Activities

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1. Characterisation of the cocoyam diversity

A survey cocoyam production areas will be conducted in each iof the participating countries. Data will be collected by observation and using a questionnaire administered to farmers. The following information will be collected:

  • Phenotypic characteristics of the sampled germplasm,
  • IK on production practices,
  • Varietal diversity on farm,
  • Yield potential of different varieties
  • Occurrence of pests and diseases,
  • Maturity period,
  • Tuber yield.

2. Agronomic performance and diseases and pest trials on-station

From on-station trials, the following data will be collected:

  • Reaction to pests and diseases.
  • Performance under varying plant densities.
  • Performance under differenr planting methods (mounds vs. flat).
  • Nutritional content of the diffrent yam materials
  • Optimum soil nutient requirements.