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There is increased support to farmers in the eastern and southern Africa region in terms of technologies and technical assistance from governments and development partners emphasizing commercialization of agriculture. These thrusts have set the scene and whet farmers' appetites to seek information to help them become more productive and competitive. The scene represent an opportunity for aligning such thrusts with demand-driven information delivery in time and space to enhance farmers’ ability to apply information to concrete development impacts.

To this proposed project, this provides a cornestone for project viability. Besides, the proposed intervention seeks to add value to technologies already in use and provided majorly by private sector (telecommunication service providers, private radio stations). Therefore, in harnessing and broadening products that can be accessed by technologies, it increases the business volume of the private enterpreneurs in charge of ICT. This in itself is a mechanism for sustainability. The collaboration between the public and private organisations with mutual benefits strenghtens the private-public partnership which can be relied on for sustainability.

Co-ownership of the intervention by the universities, extension systems and research institutes will mainstream the project activities in their normal work plans and hence ensure continuity of the project activities.