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Output 1

Consensus on design and implementation of intervention

  1. Identification and recruitment of the project partners
  1. Regional inception workshop involving a wide range of stakeholders to create awareness, seek input for improvement of implementation
  1. Writing final project document and implementation plan
  1. Recruitment and training of MSc students

Output 2

The profile of ICT technologies currently used by rural communities and their capabilities (in terms of access to the target communities especially farmers) assessed and documented. The activities under this output include:

  1. Identification of project sites for each country
  1. Conducting a baseline survey to establish the ICT assessible to rural communities
  1. Refine project implementation

Output 3

Awareness and capacity to access agricultural and environment related information using available ICT technologies increased.

  1. Community level publicity to create awareness and prepare stakeholders(including the community)to participate
  2. Establishment and operationalisation of the rural resource centre
  1. Design and implement a participatory monitoring and evaluation mechanism
  1. Package and disseminate information through various ICT channels

Output 4

Evaluation and dissemination of project outcomes carried out

  1. Conduct reviews and reflections to draw lessons that inform improvement in project implementation
  1. Final project evaluation
  1. Dissemination of project outcomes