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Create a new reusable content lesson for the Greater Christchurch Schools Network

  • Think of descriptive title for your lesson. For example: "Run for your Health" rather than "Health lesson". Avoid titles like "Geography lesson 1"
  • Type the title of your lesson in the text box below. Please note the proposed style convention for capital and lower case letters. First letter Uppercase and the rest lower case. For example, "How to prevent eggcidents" not How to Prevent Eggcidents". Keep capitals where required, for example place names. Avoid using special punctuation so that the URL remains easy to type. (In particular, avoid using ' " : < > & ? # / \ ( ) { } %  |  in titles.)
  • Remember to write down the name of your lesson (case sensitive) so you can find your lesson page in the wiki (or check your "My contributions" link when logged in to WikiEducator).
  • Click on the "Create a new lesson for GCSN" button