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Grace Bassett's page - for nothing other than to learn about wikieducator as it may be a useful tool for our organisation- but I'm quite new to all this and I have to say - it's not very intuitive!

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Grace Bassett (Here to learn)

Here's our organisation - English Language Partners New Zealand (formerly ESOL Home Tutors)

We've been running for over 35 years - and we're based in New Zealand - Aotearoa.

We work with migrants and refugees - newcomers to the country. We help them to settle in more comfortably through the medium of teaching English - but we're about a lot more than that, of course.

We have 8,000 learners and 3,000 volunteers. We're based in 23 locations around the country and many of our services are free to learners.

We train 1,000 new volunteers each year and we also have 250 paid staff.

A growing posrtion of our volunteers are people who are migrants themselves- and want to return something back to the organisation who helped them - and of course, to help other newcomers. They have much to offer from their own resettlement experiences.  

Some of our programmes are delivered by paid teachers - as they require more specialised staff to deliver the programmes - ie our ESOL-Literacy programme - which has trained TESOL/literacy specialists who are supported by bilingual tutors.