Gondwana perception

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Gondwana perception

 In the process of this learning we aim to connect our learning topics
in streams of related, interesting details. 
 To build-up each theme, adding observations of shared traits,
or common causes.
 We discern the inherent gondwana 'signature' and integral structures 
and use this to enlarge our perception overall. 
 These unfolding enquiries, create a cascade of implications

and motivation to explore and apprehend new concepts about evolution.

 Revealing gondwana-derived species, develops into a worthwhile, 

knowledge and a perception-building initiative.

 New purposes and versatile combinations of new information,
are abundant and limited only by the extent of one's enthusiasm. 
 Our aim is to generate a whole idea, an essence of gondwana. 
 Which we can all access and understand. 
 We introduve a range of science, reflecting new species-research. 
 A focus is comparative anatomy and progressive discoveries,
from public research-data about flora and fauna species.
 To expand our awareness of natural life.
 We discuss wildlife today and people who work mear or with wildlife.
 Climate-change, flora and fauna logistics and habitats are examined.
 Wildlife needs and natural resources, concepts and ethics.
 The aim is nature conservation and appreciation.
 A further focus is our work on connecting the life-sciences together.
 Including genomics, glycomics, climate, oceans, history and geology.
 For anyone to see the real traces of gondwana.
 To sense how separate and unique it is as a lasting creation of life.
 Visible in gondwana plants, notice the evidence and know gondwana.
 As a practical reality. 
 Resonating in many native animals, trees and native plants of today. 
 Gondwana still remains the predominant, ancestral flora.
 Throughout the Southern Hemisphere landmasses, in this current world. 
 In thylab 'open access' education courses, we design the modules 

to generate accessible, step-by-step knowledge.

 Students can find their learning results, connect together easily.
 This will also enhance further learning in the future. 
 Creating a lucid awareness of gondwana as a vital part of modern life.