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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

Project Summary

Coming soon! (from Seth Bokpe, in Accra, Ghana)


  • connecting with educators from other journalism schools.
  • performing wiki-journalism, within Ghana and beyond.
  • developing a dialogue on the wiki with students and educators.
  • directly creating learning materials.

Current situation

  • 10 PC's for 400 students
  • each student is able to use the computer for 1 hour per day, to do research (because the print library is limited, the students do their research on the Internet)

Draft Narrative (requires work)

The school allows only one-hour internet usage for each student per day and this is restricted to research works concerning our assignments. Besides, there are 15 computers for a student population of 400.That in itself limits what one can do as far as Wiki is concerned on campus.

The school is currently going for a WIRELESS internet connection. I was thinking that if we could get a Laptop or two we could form a Wiki club where Members could use the facility anytime and anywhere on campus. It will also afford us the opportunity to whip up interest in Wiki stuff in the school.I think it wil be a wonderful experience because it will be the first of it kind on campus and afford us the opportunity to share knowledge and also increase Wiki use on campus.

Can you be of help? Our need is laptops; internet connection will not be a problem because of the school's wireless connection.