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==Instructional Designers Profiles==

#Mrs Janet Bulumaris Rangou

#Mrs Judith Oa Nukuitu

Hi am Judith Nukuitu and one of the Instructional Designer. I first began with UPNG Open College in 2004 as an Instructional Designer. Without having limited knowledge about the role of an ID ,I accepted the offer of employment with Open College on the thought of taking up the challenge.

I left the Open College end of March 2006 and was away for nearly two years due to personal reasons and just recently commenced with them again in Febuary of this year.I am here to stay after a long break and attending the Wikieducator workshop has provided me with an insight to see the other avenues to improving what I have been doing.

Before ,I joined the UPMG Open College,I taughted in the secondary schools for six years teaching both Social Sciences and English. Comparing the two modes of education that I have been and am part of has made see that there is still a long way to go. In the face-face mode, the students are more dependent on the knowledge that is being imparted.Whereas, the distance mode the learner takes ownership of their learning.

#Ms Kipli Minol