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Voting Procedures & Requirements

In Florida

Requirements in Florida First and foremost the number one requirement to voting in Florida is registering to vote. Be a Florida resident. Be a U.S. citizen. Must be 18 years of age, however you may pre-register at the age of 16. Not being convicted of a felony without being given civil rights back. Provide correct identification. Be registered to vote for at least 29 days.

Procedure of Voting in Florida Complete the voter registration application with all fields true and completely filled. Sin application and mail to your county Supervisor of Elections. If deemed eligible to vote, your voter's card will be mailed to your address of residence and you are now able to vote. Figure out when the next election is that you are eligible to vote and find your nearest voting location. This can be determined by your local or state websites. Once at the poll location, you go into the poll to cast your private ballot. In recent years, this has begun to happen electronically.