General Letter Requesting Free/Open Formats

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Draft a letter motivating use of free/open formats and libre licences to organisations hosting learning resources.

Rationale for this Exercise

So often we find really useful learning/knowledge resources which should be in free/libre/open formats and released with a libre license. Often the "owners" would agree, but for various historical reasons, the resources are not available as such.

The purpose of the exercise is to think through the issues to raise in such a letter and how best to present them to convince the relevant people to take appropriate action.

A First Draft Outline

To: ... Address ,,,

Dear ...

Please Use Free/Open Formats and Licenses

I write to request ...


Links to Existing Letters

This list is built via Internet search and by letters written by learners/activists and shared.

Target Organisations/Sites

List here any sites etc. and the nature of a request (e.g. to use ODF/OGV/etc., CC licenses, etc.