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Gashaw Kebede (PhD)
Gashaw Kebede is information scientist by training and research. He did his BA in 1986 (humanities), MSc in 1992 (Information Science), and PhD in 2002 (Information Science).His working experience include working as technical editor of scientific publications at the national agricultural research institute, manager of library and documentation center of the same institution, and lecturer at a national university. He has continued his involvement in agricultural information management mainly through national and international projects His recent involvements include serving as country advisor for conducting review of the information products and services of id21,a UK-based development research reporting service; information management/ICT expert in the project “Development of Postgraduate Program for Enhancement of Skills in Agricultural Information and Communication in the ASARECA Region” ; knowledge management expert in the project “Enhancing Knowledge Sharing in Support of PRS/MDGs Process in Africa”; and regional coordinator of the “Assessment of Agricultural Information Needs for CTA's Products and Services in English-Speaking Eastern African ACP countries”. He is currently a teaching staff of the Faculty of Informatics at Addis Ababa University teaching postgraduate level courses, including Foundations of Information Sciences, Management of Information Systems, Information Laws and Policies, Information Systems Development, and Research Methods in Information Studies. His research interests include development, management, and evaluation of information and knowledge management systems; adoption of information systems and technologies; ICTs for development; and human information behavior. Gashaw can be contacted at OR