Game of War: How to Play/A guide to the rules

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The information here is provided on pdfs which can be printed out and used when playing the game.

Guide to Units

Name Maximum Movement Defence Combat Value Attack Combat Value Support Combat Range Charge Quantity in Original Game
Infantry 1 square 6 4 2 squares No 9
Cavalry 2 squares 5 5 2 squares Yes Attack strength 7 4
Foot Artillery 1 square 8 5 3 squares No 1
Horse Artillery 2 squares 8 5 3 squares No 1
Foot Commander 1 square 1 0 n/a No 1
Mounted Commander 2 squares 1 0 n/a No 1

Cavalry Charge

Cavalry Charge Infosheet The cavalry get an added bonus when the attack with a charge. Also by lining up their forces, a cavalry charge can bring into play up to four cavalry units in a row. See Cavalry Charge Infosheet for more information.