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Dear student,

  • In preparation for the vacation school program we strongly recommend that you take the opportunity to explore and understand the broad spectrum of mental health services and alcohol and drug services available in Victoria.
  • This page has been designed to guide you to resources that will assist you with this endeavour by providing you with links to some background information regarding the range and scope mental health and alcohol and drug services provided in Victoria.
  • Please be aware that this information may not be totally up to date as there tends to be a lag between the implementation of new programs and service improvement initiatives and access to information about these initiatives.
  • We hope this information has been of interest.

Start by exploring these links:

Mental Health Services in Australia

  • The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) maintains a 'Mental Health Services in Australia' web site. The site provides access to information including background to mental health services in Australia, information about mental health services, a range of resources and service utilisation data. We recommend that you read the ‘Background’ and ‘National Polices’ sections of the site.
  • Web-site:

Commonwealth Government

  • The federal government funds mental health and alcohol and drug services through a number of government departments. Please use the links below to gain an indication of the range of programs funded by the commonwealth government. We suggest that you take particular note of the programs funded through the Department of Health and Aging and the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.
  • Web-site:

Department of Health and Aging (DoHA)- Policy

Department of Health and Aging (DoHA) – mental health programs

  • We recommend that you look at the following program areas: 'Access to Allied Psychological Services'; 'Better Access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists and General Practitioners'; 'Better Outcomes in Mental Health'; 'headspace'; 'Mental Health Nurse Incentive Program'; 'Mental Health Professional Network'; 'Partners in Recovery'.
  • Web-site:

Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (FaHCSIA)

Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) – Mental Health Programs

State Government – Victoria

  • The documents attached to this email provide an overview of how mental health services and alcohol and drug services are provided in Victoria.
  • Web-site:

The following links provide access to information on the State Government web site. We recommend that you explore all these sites:

Victoria’s Mental Health Services

Accessing Mental Health Services

Careers in mental health

Alcohol and other drug services in Victoria

About drug treatment services

Getting help

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Student Support Services

Child Health and Wellbeing

Early Childhood Intervention Services

Integrated Children’s Services