GDTE/Graduate Profile Outcomes

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A graduate of this qualification will be able to:

  1. articulate and implement their personal theory of practice and its evidence base including what it means to be a dual professional as both a tertiary educator and an expert practitioner the workplace;
  2. advance learning and teaching practice through critical self-reflection, evaluation and research;
  3. honour Te tiriti o Waitangi by integrating its principles into their teaching practice;
  4. practise and continue to develop their own cultural competence;
  5. develop and promote progressional, inclusive relationships with all learners in their care, relevant employers and the wider community;
  6. analyse relevant adult education and cognitive theory and draw on this in practice;
  7. design, facilitate and guide learning for each individual's success, using a wide range of context-appropriate strategies;
  8. lead evidence-based assessment practices for learning in a range of contexts, including APL and work based learning;
  9. monitor developments and trends in tertiary education, technology and practice, anticipate changes and adapt teaching and learning accordingly;
  10. foster communities of practice, identifying and sharing good practices across the organisation and beyond;
  11. foster collaboration and collegiality in order to catalyse team solutions to enhance learning; and
  12. facilitate the ability of graduates to participate with confidence in the future workforce as capable and sustainable practitioners.