GCTLT for Visiting International Cohort/Learning Outcomes

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On successful completion of the programme, graduates will be able to:

  1. apply learner-centred learning theories, principles and practices and facilitate learning in a way that develops action capability for sustainability in a tertiary education context;
  2. differentiate between surface, strategic and deep learning approaches, and demonstrate the ability to meet specific learning needs/wants;
  3. integrate culture sensitive approaches into all aspects of learning and teaching practice;
  4. integrate a range of flexible learning practices and delivery modes into a teaching context;
  5. facilitate learning opportunities based on the principles and practices of flexible curriculum design and delivery;
  6. develop strategies for negotiating curriculum according to learner needs/wants and workplace requirements;
  7. assess learning using multiple strategies in a range of contexts, and critique assessment strategies;
  8. view teaching as a scholarly activity and critique own teaching practice in relation to current literature;
  9. draw on research findings to inform, support and advance professional teaching practice.