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1.0. Historical background of Operations Research (OR) 2.0. Linear Programming (LP) 2.1. Linear programming models 2.2. Graphical method of solving LP models of two variables. 2.3. Converting inequalities to equalities using slack variables. 2.4. Application of Gauss Jordan’s method to systems of equations 2.5. Simplex method of solving LP models of more than two variables 2.6. The primal and the dual 2.7. Sensitivity analysis 2.8. Dual prices 3.0. Transportation Problems 3.1. Transportation models 3.2. Algorithm for solving transportation problems i. Least cost first rule ii. Vogel’s Approximation Method (VAM) 3.3. Least time transportation problems 4.0. Assignment Problems 4.1. Assignment models 4.2. Algorithm for solving assignment problems i. Least cost first rule 5.0. Inventory control 5.1. Terminologies for Inventory models 5.2. Inventory models i. .EOQ ii. Quantity discount model iii. Production quantity model 6.0. Network Analysis 6.1. Network diagrams 6.2. Critical Path Analysis/Method (CM/CPA) 6.3. Project evaluation Review Technique(PERT) 7.0 Waiting-Line System

   7.1. Characteristics of waiting-line system

• Arrivals to the system • Queue discipline • Service facility

   7.2. Queuing models

• Single-channel queuing model • Multiple-channel queuing model • Constant service time queuing model • Limited population queuing model