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Added to the six tenses in english,we have the continuous or the progressive forms of the verb.There are six progressive forms;these are the persent progressive,the past progressive, the future progressive,the present perfect progressive,the past perfect progressive and the future perfect progressive.

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By the end of the lesson,the leaners will be able to:

  1. understand the future continuous or progressive tense, and
  2. construct sentences in the future continuous tense.


The future continuous tense is formed by using "will be" or "shall be" together with the -ing form of the verb.This tense is used to express future action or condition in an indefinite way.For example;

  1. Moses will be travelling to Freetown.
  2. We shall be having our lunch.

The future continuous tense can also be used to indicate that of two actions which will take place in the future,it is expected that the first will be interrupted by the second action.Examples;

  1. I shall be cleaning the house when you arrive from the market.
  2. They will be be seeing the principal before he leaves for Winneba.

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The future continuous tense,like all the other continuous tenses, can also be referred to as the progressive tense.It is fomed by putting "will or shall" plus "be"before the -ing form of the main verb.It usually expresses future actions or comditions without definiteness.

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Rewrite each of the following sentences changing the tense of the verb from the past to the future continuous tense.
  1. The students wrote their exams.
  2. Juliana sewed a new dress today.
  3. They ate their lunch at once.
  4. The farmers sowed many seeds this year.
  5. I went to Bo to see my father.
  6. We went for breakfast this afternoon.

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For more information on this topic,read "Writing Skills" by Joseph Palmer.