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This topic describes the requirements related to the connectivity of the editor. This includes the ability to connect the application to centralised infrastructure and to work in federated environments.

  • The authoring and aggregation tool is intended to support the largest possible number of users in varied situations. It is not viable to choose that the tool work either offline only or online only. The tool must be able to work offline as a desktop tool to create learning content or to work in a mode where it is directly connected to content repositories that will use the content and will both access content from, and save content to, such repositories. Learning content will ultimately be accessible by any learning-related application either via direct upload or dynamically transferred from a repository application.
  • Connectivity will most likely be enabled via some form of standards-based API (eg OKI OSID for example and would facilitate the sort of simplified connectivity available in the VUE application from Tufts University) and/or other service-based approaches. This will facilitate cross OER re-use of conformant content.

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