Funding proposals/Reusable and portable content for New Zealand schools/Technical thoughts

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NZ WE Instance

  • Server hosted in NZ
  • We use the subdomain domain:
  • Is there an easy way to share the same user database not withstanding physical separation of the servers? Would be great if users could use their same login across the international and national wikis
  • Current install and extensions used, (note were in the process of relocating our servers and upgrading the system):
    • Our Kaltura extension (collaborative video) is outdated (I'd recommend Installing Kaltura on the NZ instance)
    • We're using an old version of Liquid Threads (LQT) (Decision required whether we will use this for the NZ instance)
    • Our Collections extension (wiki ==> pdf) is outdated (Recommend installing the updated version -- very powerful feature for teachers.)

Specific thoughts on the NZ install

  • Personally, I'd recommend installing the FCK extension from start up -- (easier than migrating mid-stream)
    • We can run a test on the current behaviour with templates --- typically more advanced users deal with templates, and would have the ability to work with templates using the standard wiki text option.
  • Decision required on installation of latest version of Liquid Threads extension. Has the advantage of threaded discussion in the wiki, easier for Newbies to use than standard MW talk pages. Downside, current LQT extension not integrated to work with FCK extension. May be an easy fix, if not my sense is to stay with the standard install for talk pages.

Templates to install on

Here is a list of the most widely used templates for educational purposes:

Note: -- Some templates make use of nested templates which are called as needed. We'll need to check which of the list above use nested templates.