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Grade and topic

G6 Social Studies

Curriculum references

The use of forest

Concept / Topic To Teach

The forest and vegetation of Marovo

Standards Addressed

The importance of their forest

General Goal(s)

Students should be able to:

  • know the importance of forest
  • list the effects of forest clearence on
    • soil
    • water supply
    • climate
    • fishing grounds

Specific Objectives

Icon objectives.jpg
  • traditional and modern use of trees
  • see how they are related to their surroundings
  • how the food chains affected the life cycle of the living creatures
  • realize that man is the greatest destroyer
  • create possibilities to help the dying forest

Required Materials

  • Reef and Rainforest book
  • wiki
  • digital cameras
  • OLPC laptops
  • other recording audio devices

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In)

  • watch DVD of marovo by (UQ)
  • class discussion

Step-By-Step Procedures

Icon activity.jpg
  • teacher write topics on the board for class discussion
  • students move into groups according to their topic of interest (see general goals)
  • students can create questionare with the guidence of the teacher
  • interviews and report back to class for group presentation

Plan For Independent Practice

Icon assess.gif


  • asses group presentation
  • asses group`s written work
  • quiz

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set)

  • groups to create drama of their findings

Assessment Based On Objectives

  • end of week test

Adaptations (For Students With Learning Disabilities)

  • students will be working well with eachother in groups discussions

Extensions (For Gifted Students)

Possible Connections To Other Subjects

How well did this lesson go?

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