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^People & Planet

Ideas for learning activities for the People & Planet case study:

Highly Specific

  • Consider the case of People & Planet. Without reference to the actual technical solutions they used, design a comprehensive free software solution for such an organisation.
  • Discuss the methodology of People & Planet with respect to ICT. What does it have in common with agile methodologies? Is it appropriate for such organisations?
  • How could P&P enhance their impact even more with free software and libre knowledge?

Potentially Generic

  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of flat structures in organisations.
    • How is this relevant to the case study you are discussing?
    • For a company migrating to free software, is it likely to be easiest with a hierarchical authoritarian organisation in which the person at the top is mandating it?
  • Change management is always a challenge when an organisation migrates to free software. What aspects are most challenging. Write a guide for an NGO thinking about it.

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