Foundations of Networking

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This is a course ware available in the following site.
you may go through the first chapter of this book to learn about the history of networking and basic concepts of networking

The slides to support the learning of above concepts can be downloaded from

You can also view the following videos from the folowing sites.
Data Communications & Networking

Course contains: Types of Networks (Point-to-point Connections, Circuit-switched Networks, Message-switched Networks, Packet-switched Networks). Types of Equipment (End Systems, Intermediate Systems). Types of Packet-Switched Networks (Wide Area Networks (WANs), Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Local Area Networks (LANs)). Types of Communication (Client to Server, Broadcast, Unicast and Multicast, Simplex, Duplex and Half-Duplex Information Flow). Open System Interconnection. Protocol Layers. Communications Between Layers.

Data Communications and Networking;
Data Transmission; Transmission Media; Signal Encoding Techniques; Digital Communications Techniques; Data Link Control Protocols; High-Speed LANs(3 parts); Wireless LANs; Cellular Wireless Networks; Internet Protocol; Internet Protocol Version 6(IPv6); Routing in Switched Networks; Transport Protocols; Network Security; Network Management (SNMP); Hypertext Transfer Protocol(HTTP); an overview of ATM networks