Foundations of Educational Technology

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Foundations of Educational technology

Nature of technology

Emergence of educational technology as a discipline

Definitions, scope, functions/objectives of educational technology

Approaches to educational technology

Physical science (media approach)

Communication (audio visual approach) – development of communication theory, communication models, mass communication, convergence of communication and educational technology

Cybernetics (system approach) - origin of system concept, characteristics and stages of instructional system, general and instructional system theory

Behavioral science (behaviorist approach) – taxonomic and performance approach to objectives, mastery learning, programmed instruction and teaching machines, individualized approach to instruction – keller plan & IPI, Computer assisted instruction

Behavioral science (cognitivist approach) - information processing model, contributions of piaget, ausubel, bruner, cognitive learning strategies, simulation, artificial intelligence, computer based instruction)

Instructional design approach – task analysis, instructional design theories – gagne, bruner, constructivist approach, discovery, inquiry