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Find a job that appeals to you.

Finding a Job

Before you attend your first interview, you will have to find a job that appeals to you. There are many places where you can search for jobs:
• There are people whom you associate with who could be a good source of information, eg. family, friends, or people you know from sport, church, or hobby groups.
• Jobs advertised on the student campus or at Student Services.
• Check websites such as:

NZ Herald Jobs:
NZ Job Search:
Trade Me Jobs:
My Job Space:

• Check newspapers. Some jobs just might not be advertised online.

Questions to Consider

Questions to answer before applying for the job:
1. Does the job meet your intellectual needs?

Is it challenging, requiring new skills and knowledge?
Is it demanding – must you give 100% all the time?
What skills will you need for the job?

2. Does the job meet your emotional needs?

Does the job involve interaction with interesting people?
Will you feel good at the end of each day/shift?
Will you want to return to work the next day?

3. Does the job meet your material needs?

What is the salary?

Will the wages be enough to support you?
Will the wages be enough to support those dependent upon you?
Have you made a budget itemizing your expenses? Will the wages cover those expenses?
Will you have to pay for uniforms or your own tools?
Will you have to provide your own car?

What are the monetary benefits of the job?
How much time will you have to commit to this job (does it conflict with other activities that might be more important – school, being at home with children, etc)?
What travel costs will be incurred getting to and from the job?

Will you commute by car? What will be the gas and overhead expenses?
Will you commute by public transportation? What will that cost in terms of time and money?

4. Will this job provide a work/life balance?

Will you have enough time for your family, exercise, to see friends, pursue further schooling and training, and engage in a hobby?

5. What do you know about this job?

How can you get more information?

Web sites
Visit facility
Ask people who work there

6. If you don’t get this job, what is Plan B?