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SL/RL interviewing. Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. CC By

• Be prepared – write out answers to questions
• Think of (and write about) examples/experiences to show

Your strengths
Your leadership
Your ability to learn new things
Your contributions to the organization
Your creativity in solving problems and handling people

• You need at least 2-4 stories you can use in your interview – stories are memorable
• BE A STAR (refer to the STAR Method at the end of this list)
• Know as much about the company, products and your future role as possible
• Dress to impress
• Punctuality – arrive on time
• Maintain eye contact (at least 70% of the time ) but avoid staring
• Open body posture – shoulders back and relaxed, head up, knees together, arms open
• Smile and be courteous
• Use a firm handshake and address the interviewer by name
• Try to keep nervous mannerisms under control
• Listen carefully, use gestures and nod your head (but don’t overdo it!)
• Keep to the questions asked and always check your understanding
• Speak positively at every opportunity

SL/RL interviewing. Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. CC By

• Ask questions to show that you are interested in the company/job
• Be sincere and natural
• Show enthusiasm and motivation
• Promote your skills and abilities in such a way that an employer will know you are more than capable of doing the job
• Communicate attitudes that employers are looking for:

You are willing to work hard
You have valuable skills and experience
You are committed to developing your skill level
You are flexible
You expect to make a valuable contribution

• Ask about future opportunities – this shows that you are career-minded, and that you might stay long-term
• At the end of the interview, ask for some feedback and if you need to clarify any aspect of the interview

Be a Star

Follow the STAR method –
S – Situation
T – Task
A – Action
R – Results related to the job
• Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone loves a story
• Before your interview, follow the "star" method
• Employers will remember you by your stories

Write short statements of what tasks you did and the results achieved - be very specific
Use the fewest number of words, but make your points stand out
When possible, use numbers to measure the activity, benefits or results
How significant and/or believable is your accomplishment from an objective point of view?