Employer expectations

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Do you think that you fit into this company? Image by Briarmelle Quintessa. CC By

The main concern employers have is how an employee will benefit the company? To consider this, they will be looking at the following:
• What physical and technical skills do you possess? Will those skills be useful to the job?
• Do you present a good image for the company, and can you communicate with customers and associates well?
• Personality – do you brighten up the room? Can you be pleasant at the end of a long day? Do you bring energy and creativity to the job?
• Team player – can you work with a diverse staff and difficult customers?
• Will you be a caring, conscientious, and loyal employee?
• Do you bring new and innovative ideas? Do you think smart?
• Do you have the physical strength and stamina to work all day?
• Are you adaptable to change?
• Will the company be better off hiring you than another candidate? Why?
• Will you fit in with the company culture?

What employers do not want:
• Poor communication skills
• Making excuses
• Lack of confidence, which is often reflected in a poor appearance
• A "know it all" attitude
• A spotty work record and/or poor scholastic record
• An overemphasis on money
• Lacking tact and courtesy during the interview
• Not asking any questions about the job
• Lack of preparedness for the interview