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Do the job interviews feel like one heck of a roller-coaster ride?

Key contents in an effective CV

  • States personal and career goals
  • Lists previous jobs, starting with the most recent
  • In the job listings includes specific duties and responsibilities, as well as skills required and learned, especially ones that would be valuable in the job for which you are applying
  • Also within the job listings, indicates how well you work with others (team player), any management skills and responsibilities, and specific successes
  • Sell yourself by making sure you include all the good things you have to offer – don’t brag but include facts and examples
  • Include your interests as these represent rich experience and a balanced lifestyle

Tips for CV writing

  • Don’t ever lie on your resume!
  • Only include relevant information
  • Follow a standard format for your resume - there are many good ones on the net, eg. see
(Another example adapted from is shown at the end of this information sheet)

  • Make sure your CV is easy to read by bulleting points & using tables for presentation
  • Keep it concise and precise – a short CV is more likely to be read
  • ALWAYS PROOFREAD YOUR CV – make sure all mistakes are eliminated
  • Adapt the CV style and format to the particular company, industry, or profession as required
  • Send with a cover letter adapted to the particular company and job you are seeking

Example CV