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e-Activity 8

1. Please read the following extract from a book by Phil Race (2010).
"... we need a richer mix of high-quality assessment formats, and we also need to reduce the overall burden of assessment for ourselves and for our students. We need to measure less, but measure better. we need to measure a wider spectrum of students' evidence of achievement, with a broader more versatile set of tools. presently, we spend far too much of our (and students') time on things they write, at the expense of other ways they can show they have achieved the learning outcomes. But to repeat myself, we still need to reduce the burden of assessment: more assessments, but much shorter ones."

2. View this short video (4.48 min) in which Phil Race talks about Assessment.

  • Explain how you could "reduce the burden of assessment" in your teaching situation (100 words maximum).
  • Select a Web 2.0 tool (e.g. Google docs, Trello, Prezy etc.) you might use for formative assessment with students.
  • Post to your portfolio and share on the Moodle forum.


Race, P. (2010). Making learning happen: A guide to post-compulsory education. (2nd ed.). London: Sage Publications.