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We have already established that online learning can introduce flexibility into the learning space, and that asynchronous discussion in a LMS can offer space and time for students to put together their ideas in a safe environment. But what other benefits can a LMS offer? Perhaps jot down your initial thoughts and then read the list here to see if you agree with the suggestions.

Some of the benefits of using a LMS for teaching
  • Easy and rapid communication with students.
  • Availability of course materials and resources, including links to useful websites.
  • Accessibility to learning from any location.
  • Opportunities for students to collaborate and participate in discussion.
  • Discussions can be captured, tracked and stored for future reference.
  • Many student contributions, such as forum postings, can be graded and these gradings can be stored and collated.
  • Assignments can be submitted using the LMS.
  • Marks or grades can be stored in a gradebook.
  • Other assessments, such as quizzes, can be completed online.
  • Surveys (e.g., student evaluations) can be completed using the LMS.
  • LMS functions enable rapid feedback to sutdents.
  • Student activity can be monitored and reported on using the LMS (learning analytics).

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Consider the list of benefits, and discuss which ones you agree with and those you don't see as beneficial. Use the resources to identify additional benefits of using a LMS in your teaching.
  • Please post your thoughts to your portfolio and share on the discussion forum.