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Most Popular Technology Tools 2012

When you peruse the names of technology tools in the Wordle cloud on the right, can you identify some Web 2.0 tools? Think about what the term Web 2.0 means to you. You may also have heard the term social media and already be a user of Facebook, Wikipedia, Twitter, Google docs or blogs. These are all considered to be Web 2.0 tools or social media. To find out more, please watch these videos.

For information about Web 2.0, and copyright considerations when using open technologies, please read the article, What is Web 2.0 Technology? It was written by Helen Thomson (University of Melbourne) in 2008. To access the article, you will need to scroll to Web 2.0 in the search drop-down menu.

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Formulate your definition of Web 2.0 technologies. How are you using, or might use, these technologies in your teaching?