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Work through the resources, tasks and activities in this module to:
  • learn about locating Open Educational Resources (OERs);
  • explore the use of OERs and Open Educational Practice in your context.

Where can you find OERs?
  • OER Commons - allows you to search for OERs by Topic, such as Education or Natural Sciences. You are advised to explore this search engine to gain a sense of the variety and volume of OERs available.
  • Of course, you are probably familiar with YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, which are also rich OER sources of: images, videos and slide presentations.


Extra resources

OER and OEP in your context

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In preparation for e-activity 10.3, use any of the databases or search engines suggested above to locate an OER that you could use in your own teaching.

Of course, you can also use Google to search for OERs as outlined by David Wiley in the YouTube video Open Education Week: Finding Open Educational Resources.


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e-Activity 9.3

This assessment requires you to identify an OER that you have used or could use in your own teaching practice.

  • Identify one OER that you have used or could use in your context
  • Explain why you have chosen this OER
  • Explain how you located the OER.

Your response should not exceed 100 words in total.

For those participants enrolled in the Foundation Skills course through Otago Polytechnic, please post your explanation to the appropriate Moodle forum. Further instructions will be provided on the Foundation Skills Moodle site.


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At the end of this topic you should have achieved the following outcomes. You will have::
  • Learn about locating OERs
  • Explore the use of OER and OEP in your context.

You're almost at the end of the course - only two short topics to go!!