Role of Theory and Research in Enhancing Learning

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Reading Activity

Read the short article outlining Theory and research-based principles of learning. The seven principles about effective learning are based on research in several disciplines.
  • Choose one principle that is particularly relevant to your learning and teaching context and explain briefly why this principle applies to your students. You can post this on your e-Portfolio, ready for the e-Activity assessment.


Extra resources

You may wish to watch the YouTube video Emeritus Prof Phil Race - Learning (5.33 min). This explains the factors that he has researched that influence learning. He collected feedback from thousands of people about how they learn, and concluded that there are seven main factors involved.
  • Wanting to learn.
  • Needing to learn.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Learning through feedback.
  • Making sense of things.
  • Learning through teaching, explaining, coaching.
  • Learning through assessing - making informed judgements.