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What is reflection? Is it some fancy jargon? Is it something that other people do? Actually, we do it all the time!

Consider an instance in your everyday life experiences when something worked really well for you? What is it that made it work well? For example, if you have recently returned from a holiday overseas and are able to describe it as 'the best holiday I've ever had', then what made it so good? You would probably tell your friends and family about your wonderful holiday - who knows, some of them may even want to go on the same holiday!

Try to answer these questions relating to your holiday:

  • where did I go?
  • how did I decide where to go, and what was involved in planning for this holiday?
  • what were my expectations?
  • to what extent were my expectations met?
  • why did I enjoy my holiday?
  • what would I do differently next time?}}

So, reflecting on your holiday experiences is not just about looking at photos, or talking about good excursions - it is more than that!

At this stage, you may be able to identify particular steps in your thinking. What, how and why? What actions will I take next time?