Pedagogy and Andragogy

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is a term commonly used to describe the art or science of teaching, and was originally used to describe the teaching of children. Dr. Sonwalkar describes the term Pedagogy in this short video: What is pedagogy? (2.26 min). The term tends to be used to describe any form of teaching and learning these days.
was developed to denote the process of helping adults to learn. Janet Finlay (2010) describes the concept beautifully in this short video: Andragogy (Adult Learning) (8.27 min), using Malcolm Knowles' six characteristics of adult learning. To find out more information, please read Ota et al's., (2006) Training and the needs of adult learners where Knowles' six characteristics of adult learning are discussed.

The differences between pedagogy and andragogy, can be seen in the Awesome chart on pedagogy vs androgogy located on the Educational Technology and Mobile Learning website.

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Reflect on the differences between pedagogy and andragogy by noting your thoughts on the following question:
  • What evidence can you offer that demonstrates an andragogical approach in your teaching and learning context?


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